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What we mean by Heartland value

As an organization that got its start near the center of America, our location has allowed us to engage with many individuals from a lot of backgrounds. Of course, we all have our differences, but at Auto Tire and Parts NAPA, we’ve learned those in the Heartland share many of the same standards when it comes to choosing which businesses to give their money to.

Over the years, we’ve perfected our approach to what makes us unique, with feedback from our new and returning customers.

Here’s a breakdown of how we define Heartland value:

 Midwestern customer service

At its core, value begins with the customer’s needs. Our team members ensure everyone who orders parts from us understands what they’re getting. We go the extra mile, helping all customers get the most bang for their buck. If we think you’re about to make an investment in some expensive equipment when a lower-end model or off-brand part will do exactly what your project requires, we’ll tell you. We’d rather you feel completely confident in your purchase than wish you had paid less.


We only stock products we believe in and products we know. But if you get home and you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we have a generous return policy. Finally, if you learn that a product that doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s standards of quality after the return window, many of our items come with easy-to-activate warranties. See your local store manager for more details.  

Locally owned

We got our start in Southeast Missouri, and we know our customers because we are our customers. We know what it’s like to live in a maze of back roads, to have fewer stoplights in town than New York City has in a less-than-a-mile stretch of asphalt. And we know that in our region, relationships mean everything. That’s why we constantly make efforts to get to know you and your family.

Experienced experts

We love giving people opportunities. That’s why we have such a great workforce. But every one of our team members will tell you that they put in hours learning the ropes of our company and the framework of the parts we sell. We’ll never put someone in the store who cannot find the means to help you get exactly what you need.

A commitment to giving back

We pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we serve.


In 2017, Auto Tire and Parts NAPA donated $8,800 to the St. Jude Radiothon.

When you shop with us, your dollars will do good. We find ways to reinvest many of our profits, either by donating to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund or by sponsoring local community endeavors, such as baseball stadiums or fundraisers. 


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Kristina Lindsey SEPTEMBER 20 2018
John Abell & the staff at NAPA in Eldorado, IL helped me out tremendously this afternoon! I was having trouble with my battery and they were able to install a new battery and get me back on the road quick! I highly recommend Eldorado NAPA!

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