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Barry Scott Brings a Wealth of Automotive Knowledge to Sikeston

Barry Scott is a Poplar Bluff native who has been a part of the Auto Tire and Parts NAPA family for eight years. In January 2017, he was promoted to manager of our Sikeston location. In the time since he’s overseen operations in Sikeston, the store has enjoyed immense success.

How it all started

When Barry first started, he said Gary Stroup – Auto Tire and Parts NAPA president – told him, “In this company, we put God first, family second and the job third.” This resonated with Barry and inspired him to do what he could to help the organization succeed. Over time, Barry discovered how true Greg is to his word, and Barry’s pride in his work continued to increase.

To help Auto Tire and Parts NAPA stand out, Barry has made it his mission to help customers join the Auto Tire and Parts NAPA family. He doesn’t want a shopper to come in, grab what they need and leave. He wants those who visit his store to feel like they can ask questions and get advice – even if it’s not always about auto parts.

“We exhaust all options before we ever tell a customer ‘no.’ We always try to find a way to get whatever needs done, done.”

-Barry, speaking about customer service

One customer was thinking of expanding his business and asked Barry for his thoughts, and Barry said that relationship wouldn’t exist if he treated people like customers instead of future friends. Barry is motivated by meeting new people and helping solve their problems.

Barry’s most proud of the team he has put together at our Sikeston location. In his words, “It’s one hell of a crew.”

“Every day we come in, we have fun and help people. We love what we do, and I’m proud to work with these guys.”

-Barry, speaking about his team

Barry believes the store is so successful because they all trust and enjoy being around each other. And they invite you to stop in and visit them if you haven’t yet.


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