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7 Amazing ATV Trails in America’s Heartland


As summer shifts into gear, we’re packing our weekends full of ATV adventures. Here’s just a few of our favorite places to scratch our off-roading itch.


Brock Creek Trails

Located in West Arkansas, Brock Creek features more than 40 miles of diverse terrain. Amateurs and experts alike enjoy the rugged and rocky trails that sprawl through the forest. There’s a lot to explore here, so if you or members of your group enjoy using dirt bikes, off-highway vehicles or hiking in the thick of it, there’ll be something for the lot of you here. We recommend taking a weekend to camp out at the grounds, because you’re going to need plenty of time to enjoy this patch of paradise.

 Craighead Forest Park

With nearly 700 acres of lush landscapes, Craighead Forest Park offers scenic views, fishing holes and an array of other attractions if not everyone in your group is interested in exploring the trails. It’s a convenient location to enjoy the great outdoors since it’s only a few minutes from Jonesboro – and we know how some feel about abandoning all hope of Wi-Fi.



 Williams Hill Pass

Open year-round, Williams Hill Pass is perfect for those who want to leave with mud on their tires. The impressive trails run throughout 225 acres of Southern Illinois forests. The terrain is challenging and always guarantees an adventure. If you love the sound of splashing through creeks, then pitch a tent, reserve a cabin or bring your RV out for days of fun.

 Coyote ATV Trails

At the end of the day, if your heart is in it for the sound of an ATV motor and not the distractions, you’ll love Coyote ATV Trails. You won’t find some of the amenities other parks and trails offer, but you’ll enjoy a low-cost day on 10 miles worth of dirt and mud. It’s a great course for a casual getaway.

 Little Egypt Off Road

Bring your dirt bikes, ATVs and side-by-sides for almost 900 acres of dirt and mud-flinging fun. With a variety of jumps, hills and terrain, you’ll never get bored. There’s a great track for little kids and plenty of trails for experts to explore. Even if you’re farther away, this park is worth the trip.



Brick’s Off Road Park

If you’re into intense trails, then Brick’s Off Road Park is for you. The rolling hills, mud field and a variety of trails attract visitors for miles. They even host events with souped-up trucks in the arena – be on the lookout for flying dirt! This former farm is perfect if you want to double down on your motorized hobby.

St. Joe State Park

This park has it all. With 54 miles (!!!) of trails for ATVs and UTVs, you’ll want to come back often. The sandflats provide an open area to catch some sun and view the expansive lake. The rest of the park offers a variety of walking trails with stunning views, camping areas and a nice swimming area. Bring your bike, canoe or kayak if you think you’ll get tired of hearing engines roar, but if you’re like us, you’ll be on the ATV trails until they kick you off.


Putting this list together has us making our camping reservations. Where are you taking your ATV this summer?

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