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5 Spots You Have to Visit in the Missouri Ozarks

You’ve probably noticed how much we love the outdoors. From fishing to farming to adventures deep in the woods, there’s just something about the Heartland that gets our blood pumping in a good way.

This month, we’re drawing attention to one of our favorite destinations: the Missouri Ozarks.

Now, technically, the Ozarks span a good portion of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, but when we think of the Ozarks, we tend to focus on the Missouri portion – we might be a little biased.

So here’s our list of things you must do at least once in the Missouri Ozarks.

Float down the clear Black River

We love the purr of a motor tearing up a trail, but floating down the Black River in addition to fishing or hunting completes any vacation. The river offers a variety of scenic views in addition to almost transparent water. Grab your canoe, tube or raft and treat your family to a day in the sun.

Obviously, check out Branson

Beyond the dinner-and-show attractions, Branson has a range of activities for any motor head or outdoor type. From ATV trails to zip lines to hiking trails, there is definitely something for everyone in this bustling and changing city. Did we mention the thousands of fishing spots?

Fish for bass at Table Rock Lake

Surrounded by resorts and other accommodations, this popular recreation spot offers paved hiking and bicycle trails, camping spots, several types of bass and the perfect boating landscape. Want to get up close with the fish? Take a trip below the surface. Scuba dive to Oasis, a small town about 100 feet under water.  

Go back in time at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Visit the site of the first Civil War battle west of the Mississippi. Aug. 10, 1861, marked the end of a long standoff between Union and Confederate soldiers before the South overtook the North. Embark on a historical self-guided vehicle tour, hike or horseback ride. Continue your exploration at the Ray House, a temporary field hospital for Southern troops. There are plenty of photo opportunities and bonding moments with your family across the land.

Delve into Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

If your summer feels empty without a rugged challenge, then don’t miss the Ozark terrain in Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. Hikers, cyclists and horseback riders will all find something to enjoy in this dense 2,502-acre landscape. The area also allows hunting, fishing, trapping and camping.  

If we had all day, we’d list at least 100 more locations you have to see.

Have you been to the Ozarks? What is one place you think everyone should see?

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