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5 Great Gift Ideas for Car Dudes

It never fails.

Each year, lost and confused loved ones wander our aisles, hoping to figure out what that one relative might want for Christmas. We totally understand. It can be hard to shop for someone whose prime defining quality is “into cars.”

We asked a few mechanics what they’re hoping to see under the tree this year. Here’s their Christmas wishes:

  1. Evercraft’s 26-piece stand-up screwdriver set

    Upgrade a friend’s screwdrivers with Evercraft’s 26-piece set for only $17.99. This premium collection comes with an easy-access stand. Screwdrivers are easy to organize and move from job to job.. This is also a great set for any beginner auto enthusiasts on your list.

  2. New World work gloves

    It never hurts to have spare work gloves, and New World’s are affordable and durable. The material withstands heavy-duty jobs, providing protection and grip for greasy or oily work. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer, or buy them in bulk for a steady supply throughout the year.

  3. Bluetooth wireless outdoor speaker

    In the shop or out on the job, a little music or talk radio can go a long way. Throughout the month, we have a great deal on an amazing sounding speaker that connects to most smartphones and withstands the elements. You can use it with an electoral outlet, or the battery charges up for easy transport. It’s a great gift for campers and mechanics alike.

  4. DEWALT MAX drill kit

    If you’re looking to go big, either of our DEWALT MAX drill kits is a good value. They offer high performance and an ergonomic design. Plus, they’re lightweight. Every purchase comes with a free DEWALT light for a limited time. Professional users trust DEWALT, and hobbyists will be blown away by your generosity.

  5. Auto Tire and Parts NAPA gift card

Even if none of these ideas seem up their alley, an Auto Tire and Parts NAPA gift card can go a long way. Everyone can use it, and you’ll get a bonus for yourself. For every $50 gift card you purchase, you’ll get an extra $10 gift card FREE. Grab several at your local Auto Tire and Parts NAPA before Christmas for stocking stuffers and cards.

Still not sure which present is best? Stop in, and we’ll be happy to help you pick something out. Find your local store here. Check out our specials for December


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