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Who knew Saturday mornings spent mopping with his dad would turn into this?

Most dads hope to be a living hero to their sons. But more often than not, those moments come when dads least expect it.

Just ask Gary Worthy Sr., who used to bring his son to work at the Charleston Auto Tire and Parts NAPA store years ago. His son Gary Worthy Jr. never thought Saturday mornings as a boy helping his dad mop would turn into an amazing career.

When we sat down with Gary Jr., he recalled the memories easily and with a smile. “I’ve been around this company my whole life,” he laughed.

Gary’s path to Auto Tire and Parts NAPA Cape Girardeau store manager wasn’t a straight line.

“After working at Walmart for seven years and then another company in Cape Girardeau, the Auto Tire and Parts NAPA president remembered me and called up Dad,” said Gary. “He asked Dad what I was planning to do about my future, so I set up an interview with him. Here I am more than 10 years later. Auto Tire and Parts NAPA is in my family.”

When asked to describe his favorite thing about working at Auto Tire and Parts NAPA, Gary didn’t hesitate.

“It’s the people. Building relationships with other team members and customers is seriously rewarding. We’re an organization heavily focused on helping people feel confident with their auto parts purchases, and that means our employees are highly knowledgeable. We find sharing that knowledge with any and every customer fulfilling.”

We wondered what keeps Gary so enthusiastic about working at Auto Tire and Parts NAPA over the years. Here’s what he said:

 “There has never been a day where I woke up and said, ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’ The environment at Auto Tire and Parts NAPA is what makes being a part of this team so special. We have several stores, but we still function like a small business. We know each other and each other’s kids. You can’t find that anywhere else. The atmosphere makes you feel like what you’re doing is important, and that’s what drives me.”

Thank you, Gary Sr. and Gary Jr. for your dedication to our Midwest, homegrown company. Without loyal team members like you, we couldn’t provide the Heartland unmatched auto parts service. 

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