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The History of Your Local Auto Parts Store
Since the first horseless carriage in Cape Girardeau, Mo., the original Auto Tire and Parts has been the Heartland’s No. 1 choice for parts – since 1909. We’ve had more than five generations of employees and customers.

Our success began with word of mouth.
The quality of our in-house parts and the excellent service that accompanied them took Cape Girardeau, Missouri, by storm in the early 1900s. In 1950, we opened our second store and in 1954, a third. By the end of the ’50s, we had opened three new Auto Tire and Parts locations throughout Southeast Missouri.

Why is “tires” in your name if you don’t sell tires?
When we first opened, we did sell tires, as well as car parts. However, when cars became more popular in the 1920s and ’30s, it was clear that focusing on auto parts would be the best way for us to serve the community. Our name and reputation for personal customer service was so strong, we kept the name the same.

To this day, Auto Tire and Parts NAPA offers an extensive inventory with a wide range of parts for all vehicles. Our products go beyond car and truck parts to include heavy-duty tools, as well as parts for farm machinery, ATVs, boats and even lawn mowers. Stop in soon, and you’ll also find paint and body shop supplies, an impressive selection of tools and machine shop services.
What “local” means to us
We’ve watched so many of our customers grow up, get married and share hobbies with their kids. As your local auto parts store, we’re the friends you see in church. We’re the guys supporting your family at baseball games and growing your community behind the scenes. We get to know you and your interests, so we can help you get exactly what you need. We’re not selling you car parts. We’re helping you find solutions and keep you vehicles running for years to come.

Looking forward
Our main goal is to remain loyal to our current customers and communities. We do this first before looking at expansion or updates. Soon, we plan on adding more products to our inventory and investing in a new and more efficient catalog system. We’ll continue training our employees with the latest information and trends as they develop within the auto industry. Finally, we do want to continue growing what we call the Heartland. That means more locations throughout the Midwest. Stay tuned.

Our goal is to help our employees, customers and communities grow. We will continue to train our parts professionals and invest in technology such as scanning and updated parts, search capabilities and make it as easy and achievable as possible for our customers to get what they need. We will continue to grow across the Heartland by adding locations to serve our local communities with the best hometown, personal service in the business.
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Katherin Towner NOVEMBER 17 2017
I visited your place many times and it is awesome and you deserve to be successful. Keep it going and best luck for future.

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