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The Forgotten Winter Checklists Everyone Needs

The universe has a way of picking on those who aren’t prepared.

How often did you have a teacher call on you at the exact moment you stopped paying attention? Yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

Whether you’ve caught yourself wishing you’d set a backup alarm or found yourself without cash at a cash-only event, unpreparedness can be a little more than embarrassing.

Don’t make the same mistake when it comes to preparing your vehicle for winter. Plus, putting winter planning off endangers yourself and your passengers. So take a Saturday afternoon this month to prep your vehicle.

We’ve put a handy checklist together to keep you organized.

Winter vehicle care:

Stop by Auto Tire and Parts NAPA for a winter antifreeze recommendation.

Check that the heater gets hot.

Check the defrost system.

Test the battery.

Install winter friendly windshield wipers.

Clean wiper spray nozzles.

Check tire tread.

Check tire pressure.

Check headlights and brake lights.

 Once you’ve got your vehicle up to date with the necessary winter provisions, you’ll want to throw some winter gear either in your trunk, the back seat or the glove box.

What to keep in your vehicle during winter:

Ice scraper


Windshield de-icer

Spare phone charger


 Analysts say the Heartland will have a warmer winter than usual, but it doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst. Just in case a surprise blizzard appears, pack these items in an emergency kit. Keep the kit in an easy-to-reach location.

Winter emergency kit:

Hand warmers

First-aid kit

Jumper cables

Protein bars or dried food



Emergency flares

You spring-clean your home, so why wouldn’t you winterize your car? For help specific to your vehicle’s make and model, stop by your local Auto Tire and Parts NAPA. One of our parts professionals will help you check your vehicle’s winter preparedness level and recommend the best products to keep your vehicle on the road all winter long.

Find the Auto Tire and Parts NAPA location nearest you. 

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