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How to Plan Summer's Last Road Trip
As much as we hate to see summer come to an end, all the signs are here. Back-to-school sales are winding down, yellow buses line the roads and Labor Day can’t get here soon enough.

If you’re planning one last road trip before homework, exams and after-school activities take over, make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons: Be prepared.

To-do List Before Your Last Trip

1. Replace Your Wipers
If you didn’t change your wipers before summer started, now would be the perfect time to replace them. At most, they usually last no more than six months. However, depending on your travel activity during the summer, you may need to replace them sooner.

2. Check Your Battery
Make sure the terminals are clean, and know exactly how much power you have left. You wouldn’t want to end up stranded during your last road trip. Stop in, and get your battery tested before you take off.

3. Replenish Your Emergency Kit
Emergency kits usually have a few tools, first-aid supplies, jumper cables, a flashlight with spare batteries and maybe a few other items. Be sure to include fresh water and snacks too. Double check your first-aid items and make sure none of them are expired or have leaked. If any items you have packed are sensitive to high temperatures, the heat from the past summer might require they be replaced too.

4. Check Your Tires
How’s your tread looking? By the end of summer, many are driving around on tires with little to no tread. While checking your tread, get in close. You need to inspect for any punctures too. If you have a tire pressure gauge, it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure as well. If you don’t, we can help you find one before you hit the road.

5. Change the Oil
Learn what you need and how to get started here.

6. Inspect and Replace Filters
This includes air, fuel and PVC filters.

7. Inspect Exterior and Interior Lights
Taillights and headlights can be out a long time before someone notices or you’re pulled over. Take five minutes to check all your lights – including brake and turn signals – before heading out on your last trip.

When You Return

Deep Clean
After the last big road trip, a good, deep cleaning can breathe some life into your upholstery. Get rid of old receipts. Dump the fast-food trash. Take the change inside. Vacuum the trunk, floorboards and seats. Grab some Armor All cleaner from Auto Tire and Parts NAPA, and scrub the gunk out of those back seats.

With fall just around the corner, a wax is a great time to protect your paint from sap, leaves and other debris.
Develop Photos
This may seem out of place, but when was the last time you saw a printout of a photo from vacation? Sit down and go through your photos to pick out a few that capture the spirit of your family’s trip. Then frame, hang and display them instead of letting them live on your phone or digital camera forever.

Pick up everything you need for the perfect summer road trip at Auto Tire and Parts NAPA.
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