Auto Tire and Parts NAPA is the leading provider of Paint and Body Shop Supplies from St. Louis to Memphis. We have earned the distinction of being a Dupont Champions Distributor based on our technical expertise and our high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to the largest inventory of top quality paint and body supplies at our local stores and warehouse, Auto Tire and Parts has a team of dedicated PBE specialists who partner with our local stores and field sales representative to serve collision repair shops and other customers across the Heartland. 

Auto Tire and Parts offers top quality paint and body brands such as 3M and a full line of Dupont and Spies Hecker automotive paint, NASON, Hot Hues performance paint, and Dupont Industrial Coatings. 

We also sell a wide range of PBE equipment from booths to spray guns to shop equipment. Auto Tire and Parts is proud to be the leader in the Heartland for Paint and Body supplies and service.

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